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Why become a supplier with Incisive Business?

Why become a supplier with Incisive Business?

For suppliers of business to business products and services Incisive Business provides qualified sales leads from businesses at a time when they're ready to buy.

To ensure relevance and quality, Incisive Business sales leads are called and checked against the specific acquisition criteria that you, the supplier, approve. They're genuine sales leads from real businesses at a time when they're ready to buy; not simply clicks through to a website. Consequently your sales people spend their valuable time selling not merely prospecting!

Rarely do businesses these days go out to tender for the products they need; so timing is essential to make sure your sales people are in front of buyers at exactly the right moment. Because Buyers visit Incisive Business when they are looking for quotes you can ensure that you're talking to the right person at the right time - when they're buying. To start receiving b2b sales leads now register here.


Benefits of Incisive Business sales leads

  • Our sales leads provide a measurable return on investment
  • You contact decision makers who want your products and have requested you call
  • You only receive leads that match your specific sales lead criteria
  • You receive full contact details and relevant purchasing information
  • Your sales people spend more time selling and less time prospecting


Why business buyers use Incisive Business

  • They need quotes for a product and/or service
  • They're short of time and want to concentrate on core business
  • They want to make an informed decision, choosing from a limited number of suppliers

Business buyers use Incisive Business because they need a product or service, they're short of time and want to make an informed decision; choosing from renowned suppliers. Plus they want those suppliers to contact them. Our marketing encourages buyers to come to us when they're looking for quotes. We don't sell to them or try to convince them that "today" is the day to buy - they use us when they're ready. On average business buyers make 11 or 12 searches a year for new products and services that will improve their business. While these products and services are important, the Buyers want to simplify the process because they want make the decision as easy as possible, so that they can quickly get back to concentrating on their core business.

The purchasing process is complicated by the vast range of available solutions and providers. Business buyers simply don't have the time and resource to go through the often limitless options. By using Incisive Business buyers for quotes buyers get the assurance of a fast response from a quality supplier that wants their business.

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