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Why business Buyers Use Incisive Business

Why business Buyers Use Incisive Business

When to use the Incisive Business service to find quotes

  • You need a product or service
  • You're short of time
  • You want to make an informed decision
  • You want to choose from a short list of renowned suppliers
  • You want quotes from suppliers who want your business

Incisive Business understands that business people are increasingly short of time. When you need a quote for products or services the range of options available can be daunting.  While some choice is essential to making a sound decision, too much choice can be time consuming and confusing.

Using Incisive Business for your quotes can save you time and money because we help you put together a short list of companies that are looking to provide their services specifically for your type of business. The suppliers on this list will even contact you, so that they can tell you about their solution, allowing you to spend your time on the decision making process and not searching for relevant suppliers who may (or may not) be interested in talking to you.

Benefits for Business Buyers using Incisive Business Quote Service

  • You get a short list of renowned suppliers
  • Our suppliers have told us that they want to talk to you
  • Ours suppliers contact you and quote you directly
  • It's free to use

View Categories

To find your ideal business partners simply click on the category you want; tell us what you need, via a brief questionnaire, and we'll put you in touch with up to 5 companies who are interested in your requirements and want to provide quotes.  Solutions include Invoice Finance (Factoring and Invoice Discounting), Fuel Cards, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Time And Attendance or clocking-in systems, Business Insurance.

More Information About The Business Solution:

Factoring Information

Fuel Card Information

Vehicle Tracking System Information

Time Attendance System Information


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How it works

  • Choose a category
    Choose the product or service from the list that you'd like quotes for
  • Fill out a quick easy form
    Enter your requirements to gain access to your quotes
  • Receive your FREE quotes
    We'll put you in touch with up to 5 companies matching your requirements

Buyers guides

We provide a selection of guides to relevant business products and services; together with tips to help you get relevant quotes and to make an informed decision.


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