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Wine bar, restaurant, pub - insurance quotes

Restaurant, Pub Or Wine Bar Insurance

Restaurant Insurance | Pub Insurance

Buying appropriate insurance is an important part of protecting you and your business.

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Restaurant, Pub And Wine Bar Insurance

Restaurants and public houses can be risky places for both customers and for employees. No matter how rigorously health and safety procedures are applied accidents occasionally will still happen.  It's essential that your restaurant or pub has the correct insurance cover.

Incisive Business works with many of the leading insurance companies and insurance brokers, so it's more than likely that at least one of these companies will be able to find the insurance package suited to your home working needs.   Simply by using one simple insurance request form, we'll put you in touch with relevant insurance companies that what to talk to you and provide you with tailored quotes.

What types of restaurant insurance, pub insurance or wine bar cover do you require?

Generally pub or restaurant insurance might cover:

Public liability insurance - this cover is essential where a business comes into contact with members of the general public. Public liability insurance can cover you if you cause injury or damage to a person or their property during the course of your work.

Employers' liability insurance - this cover is requied where you have emploees or part-time staff or employ contractors,  You are required by law to have employers' liability insurance. Employers' liability insurance should cover laims from employees injured at work, or that have fallen ill because of  working in your business.

Contents insurance -protect the contents of your restaurant or public house against damage, destruction, loss or theft. Contents insurance should cover the cost of repair if any of your business possessions are damaged, or pay for replacements if lost, destroyed or stolen.

Buildings insurance - this cover will insure your shop premises against damage from disasters such as fire and flood. If you rent your shop space you might not need buildings insurance, but you should confirm this with your commercial landlord.

Fixtures and fittings insurance - should cover your business for the cost of damage to your fixtures and fittings in the shop.

Stock insurance - this cover should include cost of replacing stock or inventory where it's been damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Loss of licence - if you lose your licence due to certain circumstances (that are detailed on the policy) you can use this cover to recoup some of the resulting reduction in the value of your business or premises.

This is not a comprehensive list of insurance cover required for retail or the full options available.  Why not speak to real people from the UK's leading insurance companies? Simply complete the restaurant or pub insurance request form and we'll match your requirements to relevant insurance providers who will call to discuss your needs and then provide quotes for you to compare.

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