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Invoice Finance Quotes - Leading Factoring Companies

Invoice Finance From Leading Factoring Suppliers Within 24 hrs

Free factoring quotes from leading suppliers

Factoring is a flexible source of invoice finance designed to improve cash flow and fuel business growth.

Receive up to 95% of your invoice values within 24hrs

Get quotes from leading Factoring Companies with over 10 years experience

ABFA and NACFB Accredited Invoice Factoring Companies

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Why use invoice finance to fuel your business growth?

Invoice Finance or Factoring gives your business an immediate cash injection.  Today, you could be waiting sixty or even ninety days to receive payment from your customers - sometimes even longer.  Using invoice factoring as a source of asset based finance you will have cash readily available to your business; valuable funds that you can re-invest to support your business growth.  Receiving money from invoices quickly in this way will allow you to pay your suppliers promptly, taking full advantage of discounts for early settlement or perhaps even negotiating better terms.

An additional benefit of factoring your accounts receivable (sales invoices) is the credit management function.  You don't have to spend valuable time collecting payments.   You are outsourcing credit collection (the sales ledger management) to your factoring company, which means you get on with growing your business.

Invoice finance arrangements can include credit protection too.  A factoring agreement with credit protection will guard you from bad debtors; where one of your debtors is unable to settle their invoices due to financial difficulties or insolvency. Additionally a factoring company will prove to be sound business advisors - it's in their interest to help you develop and grow your business.

At Incisive Business we work with ABFA and NACFB approved invoice finance companies and agents including LloydsTSB Commercial Finance, Ashley Commercial Finance, SME Invoice Finance, Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, Calverton Factors, Positive Cashflow Finance and Touch Financial Support.   One of these companies will be able to offer you the most suitable invoice factoring solution for your business.

Simply add your details to our invoice finance request form and we'll put you in touch with up to five factoring companies who match you requirements and would like the opportunity to talk to you.  You don't have to visit several factoring company websites; completing a form on each site only to find out that no one calls you or sends you information.

Our factoring suppliers will contact you within 24 hours; explain their invoice finance solution to you and the cost - you choose the most suitable solution.  Our service is free and you're under no obligation to buy from one of our suppliers.   Why not start to improve your business cash flow now and fund your business growth with invoice factoring.  Get quotes for invoice factoring now.

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