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Single Invoice Finance | Spot Factoring

Single Invoice Finance - Flexible Business Finance

One-off finance against a few customer invoices or only one invoice.

Improve your cashflow without using a full factoring service.

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What type of businesses can benefit from Single Invoice Finance?

If you're a business that trades with a small number of businesses, or if you have seasonal patterns or your business simply needs finance against one customer invoice to improve cash flow; then single invoice finance can provide an ideal finance solution.

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Examples of Previous Spot Factoring Requests
Single Invoice Finance - Plant Hire Company Single Invoice Finance or Spot Factoring is required by a company providing commercial road sweeping services to national housing companies and PLC's. The business wants to make use of single invoice finance to maintain cash flow while covering vehicle maintenance and fuel costs and paying wages. Currently the business issues approximately 20 sales invoices per month with a mixture of 30 and 60 day credit terms. They would like Single Invoice Finance for approximately 8 invoices with a value of between £10,000 and £15,000 each month. The business doesn't use stage payments and none of the invoices will require any form of investigation or sign off before they due to be are paid by their customers. They would like an invoice finance arrangement in place as soon as possible.
Single Invoice Finance - Janitorial Supplies A business has customer order with payment terms of 30 days. The business would like to factor the relevant invoice as they have to pay a services supplier before they are due to receive payment from their customer. The debtor is a major Contract Cleaning company and the invoice value is £30,000. No stage payments or restrictions are involved and they have worked with this customer before. They want assurances that no contact will be made by the factoring company with their debtor.
Single Invoice Finance - Civil Engineering An urgent enquiry for single invoice finance. A civil engineering company is currently working with a major construction firm that have been established for over 30 years. They provided a valuation service to them and have raised an invoice for £40,000. There are no restrictions or stage payments involved and payment is due within 14 day. However the business has a cash flow problem and they need to access to funds quickly. They need to factor one invoice initially but a single invoice finance facility is something that they use for other customers in future.
Single Invoice Finance For Bespoke Software Business Through the European Commission, a software company has a recently agreed a two year contract with an Italian company.  The business is due to receive approx €65,000 as an upfront payment for the work to be carried out. Settlement of this payment is not tied to any deliverables. Their contract stipulates that these funds will be paid by the Italian company, to the EC, within 45 days and will then be forwarded to the software company. The software business wants single invoice finance as a cash flow solution. They are working on other projects in addition and Spot Factoring or Single Invoice Finance would provide a flexible facility that can be used from time to time as necessary.
Single Invoice Finance, Kent An Air Conditioning company with and expected turnover of £850,000, for 2012, are interested in Single Invoice Finance as they have a large customer, with 65 outlets in the UK, that accounts for approx 30% of their annual turnover. The business raises invoices of varying size to this customer, with an average invoice value of £3500. The customer has credit terms that are 60 days following the end of the month and this has a serious impact on their cash flow. All invoices are signed off when work is completed work - there are no stage payments involved.
Single Invoice Factoring - Pump Business Single Invoice Factoring is required by a business that provides food grade pumps and process line machinery to the hygiene and industrial manufacturing industries.  Customers include well known brands. The companies that supply the pump business have 30 day credit terms and on average the pump business pays within 36 days - their suppliers are looking to reduce these terms. However the blue-chip customers of the pump business are on 60 day credit terms and will not be reducing this time scale. Consequently a single invoice finance solution is required to cover 4 or 5 invoices per month with an average invoice value of £5,000. They have already discussed factoring with Bibby but they haven't discussed using spot factoring as an option.
Marketing Company Requires Single Invoice Finance A marketing company would like to use single invoice finance for 6 clients.  Their customers are well established businesses and many are PLC's. The relevant invoices have an average value of around £1,500 each, issued monthly with 60 day credit terms.  They want single invoice finance to assist with cash flow.
Single Invoice Finance, Wales A surveying equipment business has 3 or 4 customers that hire equipment. Their invoice payment terms are 30 days however their customers are taking between 40 days to 90 days to settle. The invoices the business would like to factor approximately £6,000 of invoices each month. The main reason for considering single invoice finance is because it will release funds, allowing the company to purchase new equipment and expand their hire business and customer base.
Single Invoice Finance For Market Research Company A market research business is considering using single invoice finance. The business has over 100 customers and invoices values range from £5000. The business has used invoice factoring before but stopped after it decided factoring was far too expensive. They have a small number of customers that, because of their payment terms, cause cash flow problems for the business around twice a year. These customers are issued with invoices of substantial size (£100k) and it is for these invoices that the business wishes to utilise single invoice finance. All invoices are issued on completion of work, however one of the customers splits the payment with 50% up front; paid on 60 day terms with the balance paid after completion and again on 60 day terms. These customers of the business have a good credit rating and two of the clients are agencies for car manufacturers. The business is keen on the flexibility provided by a single invoice finance solution.
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