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Types Of Vehicle Tracking Device

Types Of Vehicle Tracking Devices

What types of Vehicle Tracking Devices Are There?

At the moment there are two main types of vehicle tracking device (link back to article why do I need vehicle tracking) that you should consider for your company vehicles.  Firstly there's a real-time tracking device and the second one simply sends information to a computer to be viewed at a later date.

A real-time vehicle tracking device can be used in all types of company vehicle and they are useful for both large and small fleets.  The real-time devices operate in a similar way to your satellite navigation system using Global Positioning Satellites to communicate with a computer system and to provide information on the vehicles location.  Monitoring and tracking your company vehicles in this way can have a significant financial benefit to your business, as well as improve the efficiency if the vehicle and safety of the driver.

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What are the benefits of a Real Time Tracking Device

When you know accurately and in real time the locations of your vehicles, fleet planning and vehicle management can become more effective.  Route planning becomes more effective; you can ensure that you vehicles avoid areas that are notoriously poor for traffic flow, especially during peak times, or know accident spots; this will mean your delivery schedules etc are more accurate and as a result you can offer a faster effective service.

As the name would suggest a real-time vehicle tracking device provides you with up to date information on where your vehicle is at any point in time.  If you're a delivery company, or appointment based, then you will be able to keep you customers informed as to likely arrival or delivery times.  If you offer a pick-up service then you will immediately be able to locate the nearest vehicle and allocate it to the customer request.  If you're part of a mobile team then the real-time tracking information can also be viewed via a mobile phone or tablet so that even when you're on the road you can remain up to date with vehicle activity.

Of course not only will your drivers be safer as vehicle location is always known they will also become more effective and, as they'll know the vehicle is being tracked they will ensure that they focus on the job in hand and aren't distracted by unscheduled personal stops and detours while they're supposed to be working.

Additionally you can make sure that your drivers take any required breaks when they should and so meeting your health and safety and duty of care obligations.  Utilising a real-time tracking device in your vehicles in this way can give the added benefit of reducing your insurance premiums.

The Law and Vehicle Tracking Systems

UK law covering vehicle tracking is reasonably clear.  The drivers of your company vehicles must be made aware by your company that the real-time tracking devices are being used to monitor the vehicles.  You cannot track your vehicles without informing your drivers - this is illegal.

The best way to introduce tracking to members of your team is to high light the safety aspects of vehicle tracking - both the drivers personal safety and also the safety of the vehicle and the consignment.  Also you can show how the tracking can be used to improve driver effectiveness and reduce pressure on the drivers from late deliveries etc.

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