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Buyers FAQ's

Buyers FAQ's

Q. When would I use your service?

You should use the Incisive Business service when:

  • You need a product or service
  • You're short of time
  • You want to make an informed decision
  • You want to choose from a short list of renowned suppliers
  • You only want to speak to suppliers who want your business

Q. What do I have to pay?

It's a completely FREE service to all buyers.


Q. Do I have to buy from your suppliers?

No you don't have to buy from one of our suppliers. There is no obligation to do so.

Our aim is to save you time trawling the internet or having to make numerous phone calls to find a supplier who actually want to help you.

We build relationships with high quality suppliers who have appropriate solutions specifically for a business like yours. We act as a go between introducing buyers to suppliers. It's like business-to-business dating.

We compare your need with the profiles of our suppliers to provide you with a short list of renowned companies who match your requirement and get them to contact you.


Q. What about my contact details?

Once we have compared your need with our suppliers. Only those that match will receive the relevant answers you have provided and your contact details - your name, company name and address, phone number and email.

We will provide you with password protected access to our secured site where you can see and change your details whenever you want.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Our Privacy Policy will explain in details how we protect you.


Q. Will you start sending me lots of emails?

We value your custom and hope that you will be a regular user of our service; visiting us when you need other products and services that our suppliers may offer. We would like to occasionally provide you with relevant, useful information about products and services that help make your business more effective, increase efficiency and improve the cash flow.

Additionally you will also be able to use our buying guides that provide information to help you make the best purchasing decisions for your business.

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How it works

  • Choose a category
    Choose the product or service from the list that you'd like quotes for
  • Fill out a quick easy form
    Enter your requirements to gain access to your quotes
  • Receive your FREE quotes
    We'll put you in touch with up to 5 companies matching your requirements

Buyers guides

We provide a selection of guides to relevant business products and services; together with tips to help you get relevant quotes and to make an informed decision.


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