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Suppliers FAQ's

Suppliers FAQ's

Q. What does the Incisive Business sales lead generation service cost?

We have a number of options depending on your requirements. Each one ensures that you generate a measurable return. Please register your interest and we will be happy to call you and discuss your requirements and how we can work with you to increase your sales leads and generate additional revenue for your business.


Q. What does Incisive Business consider to be a qualified sales lead?

We review all the enquiries we receive from businesses to ensure that they are relevant to our suppliers and have a genuine interest in the products and services requested. We provide contact information together with details of the buying requirement on our sales leads. Our customer services validate the lead and qualify the information that has been provided.

Since Buyers visit Incisive Business when they are looking to purchase your products and services you can be confident that you are talking to the right person at the right time - when they're buying


Q. How do you generate the sales leads?

Our team has significant experience of internet marketing. Our marketing provides businesses with useful information about the business environment as well as about products and services that help make a business more effective, increase efficiency and improve the cash flow. As well as email and search engine marketing we use a number of online channels to generate interest from business buyers.

Our aim is to attract businesses to use us because they need a product or service. a short list of renowned companies who match your requirement and get them to contact you.


Q. Why do businesses use Incisive Business and not simply come direct to my site?

Business buyers use Incisive Business because they need quotes for a product or service.  They're short of time and want to make an informed decision; choosing from renowned suppliers. Plus they want those suppliers to contact them.

Our marketing encourages buyers to come to us when they want quotes for something. We don't sell to them or try to convince them that "today" is the day to buy - they use us when they're ready.


Q. As you use sponsored links does that mean I might get sales leads from abroad?

We only target businesses in the UK. We verify our sales leads and only send those that match supplier's criteria. Incisive Business only works with UK businesses.

Q. How many suppliers will be in my category?

We aim to have a sufficient number of suppliers in each of our categories so that, once the buyer has submitted his request for quote, we can match his requirement to a maximum of 5 suppliers based on their criteria.

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Buyers guides

We provide a selection of guides to relevant business products and services; together with tips to help you get relevant quotes and to make an informed decision.


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