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Reduce administration and costs with fuel cards from Fuelmate

All fuel cards save time and money by reducing paperwork and easing cash flow.  But how do you choose the right one?

Whether you're running a fleet or a single vehicle, operating locally or nationally; there's an ideal fuel card for your business and Fuelmate will help you find it.

Fuelmate are fuel card agents for a wide variety of different networks including Keyfuels, Texaco, Total, BP. Shell and UK Fuels.

Fuel cards put you in control of your vehicle fleet.  Whatever the size of your company fleet or if you're an owner driver, fuel cards save you time and money.

Fuel cards are valid for your choice of fuels and they can be customised for specific driver requirements.

Fuelmate fuel cards provide benefit for businesses spending over £350 a month on fuel. To get fuel card quotes click here.

What are the benefits of using Fuel Cards in your business:

  • Competitive fuel price
  • Less administration - multiple receipts consolidated into a single convenient invoice
  • Weekly invoicing to keep you up to date with pricing
  • A period of interest free credit (payment by direct debit)
  • Reporting tailored to support fleet management and control
  • National site coverage to keep your vehicles on the move
  • Site directories provided for easy reference

Fuelmate don't believe in faceless call centres or corporate jargon.  You'll enjoy the hassle free direct contact of your own account manager and straight talking advice from their sales team.  Let Fuelmate talk you through your options and make some recommendations. For fuel card quotes click here.

BP PLUS CARD - fuel card

BP PLUS Fuelcard

Ideal fuel card for cars and vans. Accepted at Total and Texaco sites, the BP Plus card can be used at over 3,200 sites, providing excellent national coverage.

Nectar points can be collected when drivers are purchasing fuel at the BP sites.

All fuel cards have Chip and PIN security.


BP PLUS Bunker fuelcard

Ideal fuel card for Trucks and Buses.

BP PLUS Bunker card offers a fixed price at all 460 bunker sites across the BP network and pump price at the remaining BP stations All fuel cards have Chip and PIN security.

Bunker sites are strategically located, providing higher canopies, high speed pumps and excellent driver facilities

euroshell fuel card

euroShell CRT Card

Fuel card ideally suited to Fleets of HGV'S, LCV's and high mileage cars, with coverage across the UK - 1050 instantly recognisable Shell sites nationwide and over 40 motorway sites.

Fixed weekly diesel price is available.  Up to 28 days credit available.

Texaco Fast Fuel Card

Texaco Fastfuel Card

Fuel card ideally suited to Fleets of LCV's and high mileage cars, incorporating an unleaded spend.  National coverage over 1600 sites nationwide which includes 950 Texaco and 650 UK Fuels sites.  Excellent coverage within the M25.

Fixed weekly diesel pricing is available as well as fixed weekly unleaded price at Texaco sites, with up to 28 days credit and direct debit payment terms.  Minimum monthly spend £1,000.

Pin security is available but it is only enabled on UK Fuel OPT sites.



Accepted at Total garages and cross-acceptance at BP and Shell garages.

The total size of the network in which TotalCard is accepted exceeds 3,000 locations.

Fuel card ideally suited to fleets of vans, LCV's and high mileage cars. The Totalcard is excellent for businesses that require a fuelcard with both diesel and unleaded acceptance, such as those with a mixed-fuel fleet of company cars.

Fixed weekly prices at Total garages.

Keyfuels Fuel Card


Fuel card ideally suited to Fleets of HGV's, LCV,s and high mileage cars.  Keyfuels has national site coverage and is accepted at 1,400 sites.

Fixed weekly diesel price is available and up to 28 day credit terms.  Payment by direct debit.

A minimum monthly spend of £400. Key Fuels has pin security available with Keyfuels fuel cards.

UK Fuels Card_fuelmate

UK Fuels

Fuel card ideally suited to Fleets of HGV's, LCVs and high mileage cars.

800 sites nationwide, including Morrison's supermarkets.

Fixed weekly prices

Get Your Quotes Now

Fuelmate have a dedicated sales team that will be happy to talk you through the options available and provide you with recommendations. Here’s a selection of some questions asked when businesses talk to Fuelmate about their fuel card options.

Fuelmate Fuel Card FAQ's

More information...

Fuelmate - supplying fuel cards to customers for over 20 years

Part of the Rix Petroleum Group, Fuelmate was established to provide dedicated fuel card services to customers across the UK.  Rix Petroleum has been established in the oil industry for over five generations and Fuelmate has been supplying customers with fuel cards for over 20 years.

When you've been successfully supplying fuel for that long, you gain a great insight into customer needs, whether they're large commercial fleet operators or single vehicle owner drivers.  Fuelmate know the industry inside out and that's why we are highly qualified to help you identify the best fuel card for your business. Receive fuel card quotes now - click here.

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