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Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

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Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

Achieve Business Growth With Factoring Or Invoice Discounting

Most companies want financial headroom- to free-up working capital to allow you to focus on your more profitable and positive task of growing your business.

Invoice Finance (Factoring or Invoice Discounting) is used in successful, fast-growing businesses of all kinds, from start-ups to large, established corporates.

With Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, a range of flexible, financial solutions are available to suit the needs of your business.


Factoring is a good option for small to medium sized businesses. Like most businesses, you're probably frustrated by the gap between sending out an invoice and getting that invoice paid. Factoring can improve your cashflow by releasing this money against unpaid sales invoices.

Invoice Factoring provides greater financial flexibility as it releases up to 90% of an invoice's value often within 24 hours of it being raised.

Benefits Of Invoice Factoring

Factoring is flexible - the amount you can borrow grows directly with your sales

No other assets are needed to secure this funding

Businesses can receive up to 90% of outstanding invoice values within 24 hours

If you are a growing business or a start-up that trades on credit terms and have an annual turnover in excess of £50,000, then Invoice Factoring from Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance is a funding solution worth considering.  Try our Factoring service for 6 months; if you're not completely satisfied, you can give us 28 days' notice for a full refund of fees.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is a smart solution for businesses with sales of over £250,000. If you want a quick way to grow your working capital, Invoice Discounting gives you rapid access to the cash tied up in your unpaid invoices.

Invoice Discounting gives you full control over the working capital of your business and as you are responsible for the maintenance of the sales ledger, the arrangement between your business and us remains confidential.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting

Releases Cash - enables you to raise cash against your business to business invoices, up to 85% often within 24 hours

Improved working capital - improved cash flow enables you to buy more competitively from your suppliers by obtaining early payment discounts

Flexible Limits - Confidential invoice discounting funding grows in line with your turnover; the more you invoice, the more funding is available

Confidentiality- with Invoice Discounting, our arrangement with you remains private

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Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

This New Business Charter sets out the principles of our working arrangements with you *

New Business Charter

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A Trusted Source of Flexible Invoice Finance Solutions

Why Choose Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

We recognise that choosing a business funding provider isn't just about finding the right deal. Making sure you have the right solution is of the utmost importance, but business is about more than just the numbers - it's also about relationships.

As the largest retail bank in the UK with strong positions in a number of sectors, Lloyds Banking Group serves over 30 million people.  Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, with 23% market share* (ABFA Q2 2011), is a leading Invoice Financing and Asset Based Lending provider and we take pride in our clear, group wide commitment to deep, long term relationships. We have worked with thousands of UK businesses, helping them to access working capital and improve their cash flow, providing them with the opportunity to grow and flourish.

Invoice Financing solutions from Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance such as Factoring or Invoice Discounting, speak for themselves; but being part of the Lloyds Banking Group enables us to offer many of our customers' access to a wide range of complementary financial services; and we can draw on these resources when we need to.

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Manage Business Growth with Invoice Finance

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