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SME Invoice Finance Ltd

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SME Invoice Finance Ltd

Release up to 85% of invoice value immediately with Invoice Discounting

Through Invoice Discounting and Factoring, SME Invoice Finance provides a constant source of working capital by delivering competitive, flexible facilities designed to help businesses reach their potential.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is viewed increasingly as the fastest growing alternative to bank overdraft funding. Yet, in the past, it has rarely been made available to the smaller business.

SME Invoice Finance increases the availability of your working capital by lending money against the value of your sales invoices.

Typically this is set at about 85% of invoice value. With Invoice Discounting vital cash is released immediately, ready to be put to work where you need it most!

SME Invoice Finance's Invoice Discounting service:

  • generates immediate working capital
  • reduces the pressure on your cash flow
  • links funding to sales providing the freedom to grow without restrictions
  • is typically confidential, meaning that your customers are completely unaware of your financial arrangements
  • provides you with total control over your sales ledger and retains your customer relationships
  • helps secure preferential early settlement discounts
  • gives you instant on-line access to view your cash availability

SME Invoice Finance's Factoring service is designed to maximise cash flow whilst removing the burden of running your sales ledger. An Invoice Factoring facility provides a high percentage of finance secured against your invoices. Additionally, as an integral part of SME Invoice Finance's small business Factoring service you receive a comprehensive sales ledger administration, credit control and collection service. This is tailored to suit your customers and their sensitivities, built around the latest technology. This means that you have an immediate and real time view of all your account details and the fastest possible access to cash as and when you need it.

Factoring from SME Invoice Finance:

  • generates immediate working capital
  • reduces the pressure on your cash flow
  • links funding to sales providing the freedom to grow without restrictions
  • eliminates time and money spent on credit control and debt collection
  • allows you to concentrate on your core business without distraction
  • helps secure preferential early settlement discounts
  • gives you instant online access to view your cash availability

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“Many established businesses are turning to invoice discounting for the first time. Encouragingly, advisers are seeing the critical role that invoice discounting plays, not only in all phases of the recovery but also in actively delivering sustainable business and economic growth.” John Wilde, Sales & Marketing Director SME Invoice Finance

Professional advisers recommend Invoice Finance- survey reveals

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The invoice finance industry is a jargon jungle. But don't let that put you off. Let SME Invoice Finance be your guide.

Invoice Finance Jargon Explained

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“After a meeting with SME, I could see that they genuinely do understand businesses of our size. We have a very good relationship. They keep us informed and do a very professional job in chasing our customers for payment.” Jim Aired, Business Owner

Invoice Finance Accelerates Growth

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Dedicated to helping owner managed businesses reach their potential

SME Invoice Finance was founded ten year's ago to help small and medium enterprise businesses maximise their cash flow.

Today, backed by substantial private equity from blue-chip shareholders, SME Invoice Finance is the leading Invoice Discounting specialist, catering specifically to the needs of the owner managed business community.

Independent of the traditional banks and financial institutions, SME Invoice Finance prides itself on delivering the highest levels of personal service, attention and support to all its clients, regardless of size or history. Clients gain same day value against their invoices and have on-line access to view their availability of cash.

SME Invoice Finance Ltd
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Invoice Discounting from SME Invoice Finance

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