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Total UK Limited

TOTALCARD the fuel card that gives your business more

Much more than just a way for your business to pay for fuel, a TOTALCARD fuel card has benefits and services that are designed to give you greater control over fleet cost and make fuel management easier and less time consuming.

Whether it's a local account fuel cards or corporate fleet cards that you need, TOTALCARD is the right choice for your business.

Turn to the fuel card that gives you more; TOTALCARD takes care of every mile so you don't have to.

What are the benefits for your business of a TOTALCARD fuel card?

  • Accepted nationwide
    • TOTALCARD is accepted at over 3,000 service stations including BP and Shell (with no surcharge), making it one of the most widely accepted fuel cards in the UK
  • 24 hour access to fuel card management
    • User friendly online tools make day-to-day management of your fuel cards simple, enabling you to do everything from producing detailed reports that monitor and analyse fuel expenditure and driver activity to ordering a new card.
  • Reduced paperwork
    • Drivers don't have to pay cash for fuel purchased, you won't need to waste time chasing receipts or bother with pay and reclaim processes.   E-billing makes your life easier; reducing paperwork and providing you with comprehensive expenditure information.
  • Reclaim VAT easily
    • Your businesses can only reclaim VAT on fuel purchases by providing statements and receipts that itemise the VAT paid. TOTALCARD simplifies this process by sending you clear invoices and statements.
  • Up to 6 weeks interest free credit *
    • You can improve your cash flow by using TOTALCARD to pay for all of your fuel expenses.  (* subject to terms and conditions)
  • PIN Technology
    • TOTALCARD was the first over the counter UK fuel card to introduce PIN technology, providing increased security.  All transactions made at TOTAL sites are verified and online authorisation detects and refuses any lost or stolen cards
  • 10% off
    • TOTAL Car Wash and TOTAL Lubricants
  • Tailored pricing
    • Flexible pricing options are available depending on your business, fleet size and usage

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TOTALCARD has even more to offer when you opt for our additional online services, designed to help you achieve fleet efficiencies.

  • The TRACKER package enables you to receive an email alert each time a transaction on your fuel card does not comply with the parameters you have set up
  • The PERFORMER package gives you complete management reporting on your fuel card activity, giving you everything you need to control fleet efficiencies, achieve cost reductions and analyse business expenditure.
  • The TOTAL BUSINESS package which includes both TRACKER and PERFORMER and provides greater control over your fleet with up to date fuel card information for cost control and expense analysis - the perfect combination for fuel management

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Total GF sml

TOTALCARD green is the new fuel card from TOTAL that will help you cut your CO2 emissions by reducing the fuel consumption of your vehicles.

Not only will this help you to act responsibly towards the environment, but it will save you money.  You could get two pence per litre* off all EXCELLIUM fuels at TOTAL sites (* including VAT)

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Total UK Limited
Total UK Limited

The most effective way of reducing your vehicles CO2 emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. Here is how TOTALCARD green will help you do so.

TOTALCARD green will help you to reduce your fuel emissions

More information...

Accepted in 3,000 petrol stations in the UK- TOTALCARD Fuel card

Operating in more than 130 countries, TOTAL is the largest oil company in Europe and the fourth largest in the UK.  There are over 800 TOTAL service stations in the UK and TOTALCARD fuel card is accepted nationally at over 3,000 sites including most BP and Shell sites. They are one of the leading business fuel cards suppliers in the UK.  With TOTALCARD, your drivers are never far from a convenient place to stop and refuel.

Drivers can easily locate the most convenient site using text messages on their mobile phone.  They can also download a list of service stations to their satellite navigation system.

When you apply for a TOTALCARD you are given the option to choose the products and services you want your drivers to be able to buy so your drivers can use the card for more than simply fuel.  This can be modified by you at anytime.

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Total UK Limited
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Reduce emissions with a TOTALCARD green fuel card

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