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Incisive Business Guide to Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Guide Summary

This guide from Incisive Business outlines the features and benefits for your business from using a Time and Attendance System.  Time is an essential asset in any business.

Time and Attendance Systems, also known as Clocking-On-Systems, offer a simple and systematic way of tracking and organising your employees time.  They are used to improve the overall ability to administer areas like, employees working hours, absenteeism, holiday cover and overtime.

Time and Attendance Systems reduce the time taken issuing time sheets, collecting and checking them.  The time and attendance hardware combines with easy-to-use software to improve the efficiency of your staff and consequently your business.

The main benefits of having a time and attendance system are increased productivity and reduction in costs.

How can a Time and Attendance system benefit your business?

A time and attendance system will:

  • Simplify your staff planning requirements; helping you to organise cover for holidays and sickness
  • Eliminate timesheet errors.  No longer will there be problems of "rounding-up" hours or management forgetting work undertaken by staff outside of their normal working hours.  No more time management time wasted resolving disputes over hours worked
  • Reduce your time spent producing paperwork to calculate payments and holiday entitlement
  • Reduce your storage needs.  Keeping relevant paperwork for reference can be cumbersome and at times logistically difficult.  Computerised storage is more efficient; it reduces the need for space and it's easier to search for relevant documents.
  • Allow you to plan efficiently and effectively for new business projects or account wins.
  • Improve your levels of security and confidentiality.

What is a Time and Attendance System?

Time and attendance systems are usually IT based systems that provide companies with the capability to collect employee data regarding working patterns.  The system stores the data recorded and produces a range of management reports.

These reports can be used to produce project or work plans allowing you to evaluate your current staffing requirements.  You can then allocate the relevant number of staff required for your projects. Time and attendance systems will also provide your payroll department with exact hours employees have worked ensuring that they are paid the correct amount


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