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Factoring is a financial agreement where a business sells its customer invoices, or account receivables to a factoring company, at a discount.  By doing so the business receives immediate cash to finance the business and fund business growth.

Factoring is different from getting a bank loan.  With factoring the focus is on the amount and value of invoices (or accounts receivable) and not on the credit worthiness of the business.  Factoring is not a business loan - the factoring company buys the financial assets of the business; in this case its invoices.

Factoring - Common Misconceptions

Invoice Discounting and Factoring Explained

Invoice Finance Video - Factoring help

Invoice Factoring - 10 Reasons Why You Should

What Is Invoice Factoring

Single Invoice Factoring - A Solution For All Companies

Invoice Factoring Companies

How Much Does Factoring Cost

UK Invoice Factoring Services

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Factoring - Some Common Misconceptions

There are plenty of misconceptions around Invoice Factoring which cause many business people to have strong emotive reactions.  So what are the misconceptions? The factoring company gives you up to 90% of your invoice then keep the rest. Factoring is for companies going bust. [Read more]


Invoice Discounting And Factoring Explained

Factoring and invoice discounting are two invoice finance tools, that a business can use to quickly raise capital to fund growth.   While both factoring and invoice discounting involve using sales invoices sent to customers, as collateral, to increase cash flow, they should not be treated as different names for the same thing. [Read more]


Invoice Factoring - 10 Reasons Why You Should

You can rapidly improve your business cash flow by utilising factoring or invoice finance.  The majority of small business failures are actually a result of cash flow and not profit problems. Here are some good reasons why you could use invoice finance or factoring for your busines. [ Read more]


Single Invoice Finance - A Solution For All Companies

The concept of single invoice finance, or spot factoring, is still relatively new but there's a small but growing network of single invoice finance providers in the UK.  Single invoice finance is a solution that all companies can consider. [Read More]


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